Import Accounts from Old Server

  • Answered
I have just signed up for reseller hosting. I have 10-12 accounts that I want to import from old server.
I have backed up all the accounts already.
How can I get these imported?
Main concern is importing email accounts and forwarders, the database and files I can import without help, but how do I bring in all the email accounts and forwarders that have been set up? The messages I am not so concerned about, the accounts, passwords and forwarders I am.

Hello kmm2908,

Thank you for your question regarding importing accounts from your older server. You can submit a request to Live Support for them to assist you in migrating the accounts. They can typically migrate full accounts with email/forwarders/passwords and will notify you of any issues or limitations before proceeding.

We also have a section on "Transferring Websites" on our Reseller Hosting guide if you want to import the accounts yourself.

Thank you,