Does InMotion Hosting Support https?

  • Answered
I currently have my images for my Ebay store hosting by Inmotion. Beginning October 1st, 2017, any content in a Ebay listing having a web address starting with "http" will not be shown, and will show a message "Not secure". Ebay is encouraging all sellers to change to "Https....". Does Inmotion support "Https".
Hello! Thanks for posting your question regarding Ebay's updated security policy and if InMotion Hosting supports https. I'm happy to be able to answer that for you. Yes, InMotion Hosting does support https. You can read more about securing your website with a Free SSL and how to force https access via your .htaccess file. In regards to your images specifically being hosted over SSL though, you can use third party applications/plugins to ensure that your images are referenced accordingly. If you have additional questions about that, please be sure to include your domain and the software that you used to build your site in your response. This will ensure we have the details needed to further review and advise. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E