change from Wix to Wordpress

  • Answered
Hi, I would change my site from Wix to Wordpress. I made my domain hosted by In motion since Monday. And I paided for 2 years. I asked for a domain transfer , I filled the procedure and receive an email that my request has been processed. But even if I installed Wordpress via Inmotion, I don't have access to the dashboard of Wordpress to begin the transfert of my site and to install a new template....I'm confuse and I don't know want to do.
Hello, Thank you for submitting a question about switching from Wix to WordPress. Right now, it is likely that your domain is still pointed at Wix. That is OK, because you will want your current site to remain active until your WordPress site at InMotion is ready. You can begin to develop your WordPress site using a hosts file modification, which will allow you to use your domain to see your site at InMotion while the rest of the world will still see your site at Wix. If for some reason you choose not to use the hosts file modification, you can see your InMotion site using the Temporary URL. Because Wix is a proprietary format, they forbid you from transferring your site as is into WordPress. Best, Christopher M.