HTTPS pointing to wrong URL

  • Answered
I have the free security certificate turned on for a few hours. When you try to access my site using https://*****.com it go to some other site. However when I try it as https://www.*****.com it goes to the correct site. What is the deal with this?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding HTTPS pointing to wrong URL. If you recently made a DNS change (such as updating nameservers) you may be experiencing propagation. This should resolve within 24 hours. Test your .htaccess file for rules that may be causing a redirect. Often, during troubleshooting I'll simply rename the .htaccess to .htaccess.old and now I'll reload the website. If the site loads I then know the issue resides in my configuration of the .htaccess file. If it does not fix the issue I was having, I'll rename the .htaccess by removing the .old I added to the end. That way, it won't affect my website after I resolve the issue. If your problems persist our WordPress Troubleshooting guide should help you narrow the cause down further. Thank you, John-Paul