On new account, can I send mails to mail accts using the temp server?

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I have a new account and am in the process of setting up email transfers. I know that so I don't lose mails, I can redirect mails to a 3rd party during the 24 hours or so it takes to pont the domain at my new servers. But is it not possible to redirect mail straight to accounts on the InMotion server via the temporary server? (like send to [email protected]) I have a few accounts and it's a pain to set up these 3rd party mail accounts.

Thanks for the question about sending emails using the "temporary server." No, you can not send emails using the temporary server. There is no "temp server", the temp URL provided is merely a shortcut to the same domain not using the domain name. Mail server records are not created with temporary URLs. The MX records in the active DNS records for the domain determine where the email will be going. So, as long as your name servers are pointing to a particular hosting service (along with the MX records), then that is the location that mail travel. The typical practice to NOT lose emails is to overlap the times that the service is active. So, you would have the old service receiving emails until the new location is ready, then you switch. Also, note that although we say 24 hours for the DNS propagation, it may be hours less than that. We can't give a definite time for that change as it is however long it takes for the DNS to update on the internet.

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Arnel C.