File Downloaded Instead of Loading

  • Answered
Some of our employees tried to access our website ( and could not. It instead seemed to download a file, and the browser asked: "Do you want to open or save F6LYXVMH (2.00KB) from

When they asked me to see if the website was working, I could access it just fine with no apparent file downloads.

The employees use shortcuts to get to the website, so they didn't accidentally go to another website.

Have you ever encountered this? Should I be worried? Is there a way to ensure it doesn't happen again? Whose problem is this? It has never happened to me, and to my knowledge, has never happened again. After some time, the employees were able to access the website normally.
Hello, Sorry for the problem when trying to access your website and file downloading instead of loading. In general, if you're seeing a prompt to open or save a file, it is due to a missing or corrupted index file. You may have also been hacked. Please make sure to review our tutorial on Recovering from a hack. Also, contact our iive technical support team (contact information below) and request that they scan the site for malware. Make sure that you provide identification that can be used to verify the account. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.