WordPress Dashboard Incredibly Slow After Website Migration

  • Answered
I recently decided to change hosting providers and move to inmotion for my hosting needs about 1 week ago for various reasons. I'm now on a PRO hosting account. 5 days ago I had three existing websites successfully migrated over via an inmotion technician (not by me). I also successfully transferred an existing SSL certificate to my inmotion account 3 days ago, and pointed all of the migrated site domains to the inmotion nameservers to complete the process.

Currently, I am experiencing extremely slow load times (120-140 seconds per page) on my WordPress admin dashboard that I never experienced with my previous provider. I changed nothing from what I had previously as far as themes and plugins go. Everything is exactly the same with the computer I use, ISP, router, etc.

When I signed up for inmotion hosting I purchased another domain and built a new WordPress site using that new domain and it runs fine.

What could be the issue?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress site displaying speedily. If one of the sites on your account is slow and the other is fine, then the issue would be within the one that is slow and not an overall server issue. To test, you can disable your plugins and enable them one at a time, testing speed in between to see how fast it goes. If one of them is an issue you will see a sudden decrease in performance after enabling it. You can also contact Live Support to see if they can see any specific PHP process that is hanging or taking a long time to complete. It is also helpful to test your site using third party tools such as GTMetrix.com This site will flag the different things you can change to improve your site speed. Kindest Regards, Scott M