Using BoldGrid to Get Started?

  • Answered
Hi, When I decided to go with, In Motion, it was because you were making a big deal about your Bold Grid program. Now I see that it is at the bottom of your list and Wordpress and others are recommended over Bold Grid. I am new to website design, but have used some HTML. How does someone figure out which building tool to use, and can you use multiple ones within the same website? I know this is a very basic question but I'm somewhat thrown that I was sold on Bold Grid, but now it's not even a recommended option. What gives? Thanks for any guidance, mike
Hello Mike, Thanks for your question about BoldGrid and other site-building tools. The good news is that BoldGrid works within WordPress. If you can imagine WordPress as a piece of marble then BoldGrid would be the sculpting tools you would use to make a statue. BoldGrid helps you build a site with WordPress. I regret if somewhere along the way these two programs were separated in your mind. They are meant to work together, and we do recommend BoldGrid as a great place for a beginner to get started building a WordPress site. I recommend visiting the BoldGrid Support Center for more information. They also have a question and answer forum if you should require some guidance. Best, Christopher M.