Some lags working with MySql database

  • Answered
Working on a MySql database from the Workbench, there are latency that I am not used to . The feeling it gives me is that there is a longer delay than usual fetching data. The database is on our new dedicated host and I ask because I am used to work with databases on low end host machines (entry level plans) and even on those there is not such a latency. Maybe something is not configured properly on the server/MySql?
Thank you for helping
Hello, Sorry for the apparent latency that you're seeing while working with a MySQL database on your dedicated server. I checked the network connection via a traceroute from our call center and it's coming up with an average time of 64ms. Not very slow. If you believe that you are encountering significant slowness in your connection to the server, please run a a traceroute from your location to the server. Please send the results of the diagnostic test back to us in a reply and we can look further into the matter. If you don't want to publish the traceroute results in a reply in the Support Center, you can submit a verified support ticket to our live technical support team. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.