Email I did not send is bouncing back

  • Answered
When I look at my email online, I'm seeing a lot of bounce backs from my username/domain, which I never use. The subject line is gibberish and the "To:" addresses are not ones I recognize. Does this mean that somehow email is being generated from my account without my knowledge?
Tim S.
Good morning, Thanks for your questions about unrecognizable bounceback messages on your server. Yes, if you do not recognize the emails that are bouncing, it's likely you are either spamming (because someone has compromised an account on the server), or you are being spoofed. We have some great articles on spoofing and how to prevent it from happening by using SPF records. I would also recommend changing you passwords, especially to the email address that's sending those emails. I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks! Tim S Customer Community Manager