PHP include header/footer not appearing

  • Answered
Hi there . Have a look here***** and here:***** this is what the header/footer of my site at www.****.ca is supposed to look like. I think there is something going on perhaps in some settings that recently knocked this off the site. I haven't edited the site in a long time and wondering why/when this disapeared and how we can get them back. The header and footer are php includes if it helps.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding your header/footer not appearing. This type of display problem is coding related, not server related. Sites should be updated regularly to ensure they are staying up to date with changing internet protocols. Since your website is custom-coded I recommend consulting your developer, to ensure all your extensions, javascripts, etc. are current. I also recommend enabling/reviewing your PHP error logs for a more specific error message. Thank you, John-Paul