Hyperlinks not created in WP

  • Answered
I am running a website, WP, using onetime pro theme. Every time I try to create a hyperlink out of text, by using a shortcode (button), or HTML parameters, the button/link name appears but it is plain text, instead of hyperlinks. This major disaster took place after my PHP was updated. I tested creating links before that with success but not anymore.
I should be publishing my website shortly with a calendar link but I going crazy over this. My website is at www.kehonomi.fi ...the link part is between contact form and the footer. Purple bg with white text.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your link on your site. I see you are PHP 5.3.29. That is an older PHP and should have had no effect. You can certainly change it back within your cPanel and see if that helps. I attempted to check out the issue from the back end, however, your dashboard is not a standard configuration. I am guessing due to your theme choice. I am not able to locate the area you reference in the back end to check the formatting. As it is a Pro theme, I am also not able to install on my test area and attempt to duplicate it, You can test another theme. If that works, then you know the issue is within your theme. It also could be a plugin. You can try to find out what the issue is by using our article on common WordPress troubleshooting techniques. Kindest Regards, Scott M