Sites home page only causes redirection to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

ccrowhurst 3 years ago in Content Management Systems / WordPress 0
Hi, I am trying to setup a new domain on my server (mainsite qajaqrolls.com) the new domain is http://consciousstrokes.com It is pointing at a Wordpress server that hosts a collection of my blogs on different (parked) domains. I set up the A record (in GoDaddy) the same as other domains on my server, and I parked the new domain via the cPanel. I am able to login and manage the site using for example http://consciousstrokes.com/wp-admin/
however when trying to navigate to the sites home page (which is published ) at http://consciousstrokes.com/
I get this displayed "Template Error: The template file must be given (or the template could not be opened)" and the browser redirects to http://consciousstrokes.com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi
however if for example I navigate to a test page: http://consciousstrokes.com/test-page/ it works just fine. Something weird is going on with the home url.
Any ideas?
Hello ccrowhurst,

Thank you for your question about your site not loading properly. I am seeing consciousstrokes.com load without issue. I would recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies, and trying again. Also, please keep in mind that these changes, as with all DNS changes, may take up to 4 - 24 hours to take effect.

Casey B.