Update version of cURL on VPS

  • Answered
I am currently on VPS and looking to update the version of cURL. I have a WP plugin that is requiring at least version 7.40. I'm showing my VPS has version 7.29 and the latest stable release is 7.56.

From reading past comments, I see if you are on VPS you can create a ticket and get cURL updated. I have not found this to be true yet. Went to support twice by email, and they kept asking about the plugin, and had no idea what cURL was. I chatted with somebody today, and they said that updating cURL was not possible because cPanel does not support it. He said it would break the server.

Please let me know if updating cURL is possible and how to get it done.
Hello Brianharisusa, Thank you for your question on updating your cURL version for your VPS. While that is possible, that is now a task that is handled by our Managed Hosting team. They are a premium service where you purchase hours of support. They are able to handle customizations to your server setup. I have already spoken to the team and they have confirmed they have done this often and it is not a problem. Kindest Regards, Scott M