Placing MP4 Movie in Web Page

  • Answered
I tried putting an mp4 movie with audio in my web page using the following code: However, when I previewed it in my browser, the video does not appear but the audio is playing. The video is playing just fine when I view it using movie player (like Windows Movie Player, Apple Quicktime, etc.) Is there any adjustment that I should make in the code that I placed? I also tried using the code below following the suggestion in your Feb. 13 article "Embedding a Video directly into a Webpage" When I previwed in the browser (Chrome) - the message appeared "Plug in not supported" and in Internet Explorer - no video/audio.
Hello albuen, Thank you for your question about placing .mp4 videos in your page. The code you are using looks standard. It should play the video. However, even though the video is an .mp4 file, it is possible that the browser is having trouble with the video codec. You may want to try using a video converter made especially for web video files. For example, videos uploaded to are automatically converted to web-friendly video formats and codecs that can be downloaded or streamed directly. For the below plugin test, it's possible that Chrome no longer supports the Quicktime plugin mentioned in that article.