DNS test error on name servers: SOAs do not agree on the serial number

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Hi the popular and respected dnstools test shows a red failure on my domain, which is using InMotion name server. Is this serious? How can it be resolved? Thanks.

SOA serial agreement Nameserver SOAs do not agree on the serial number. This is bad because your nameservers may contain different resource record data and cause delays or misrouting of packets. It is possible that you have just made a change recently, and your secondary DNS servers haven't yet received the new information from the master. The nameserver SOAs and their mismatched serial numbers are:

ns1.inmotionhosting.com. has Serial #: 2017030401 and ns2.inmotionhosting.com. has Serial #: 2017030402

Thank you for your question on serial number mismatch. The mismatch is nothing to be worried about. If they were way off, then it could mean an issue, but these are within a single number. The serial is actually a date followed by a numeric sequence. 2017030401 is March 4, 2017, iteration 1 and the 2017030402 is March 4, 2017 iteration 2. The reason for iteration 2 on the one server could have been something internal and not indicative of anything that affects the publci information.

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Scott M