Add Website Search Engine

  • Answered
With Google announcing the end of its paid single website search engine (no ads) service, I need to find an ad-free search engine to place on my html website hosted on inmotionhosting. I have concerns about exceeding bandwidth and processor limits with some of the open source products since my website is somewhat large. Is this the sort of thing a customer can pay inmotionhosting to implement, or are there any suggestions for finding solutions? I am extremely low-tech and not familiar with PHP, etc.
Hello, Thank you for your question about adding a free website search engine. Unfortunately, our Web Design team will only modify websites they have built. This is because website coding can vary greatly based on the original developer. There are many solutions such as using Bing search API, or a PHP script, but they will require some coding knowledge. You may want to consider consulting a developer to help you implement one of these solutions. Thank you, John-Paul