Secure SSL Seal to BoldGrid Site

  • Answered
One of my reseller clients has a BoldGrid install with a Comodo SSL. He wants to display the trust logo from Comodo. Comodo says to add two code snippets after the /head and /body tags. How do I get them into BG, as those tags aren't readily apparent. Would like the seal in the footer, so tried adding as a HTML widget, but that did not work. Looking for suggestions. Thanks!
Hello WVOz1970, Thank you for your question about adding a Secure SSL Seal to BoldGrid Site. Before beginning, we always recommend that you make a backup of your site. You should be able to add HMTL code to the footer of your body element by going to Customize from your WordPress dashboard, then clicking on Advanced, and then clicking on Footer Settings. At the bottom of that section you should see a section that says Custom Footer HTML. You can add your footer code here. For adding HTML code to your head element, go back to your WordPress dashboard, and hover over Customize, but then click on CSS/HTML Editor. Once that page has loaded make sure that the theme that you want to update is listed in the top-right hand side where you see Select theme to edit, and then find and click on the option that says either head.php, or templates/head.php. When adding your HTML to this section, make sure it is between the <head> and the </head> tags. Gratefully, Casey B.