Using Boldgrid to create an active website

  • Answered
I installed BoldGrid and I have been using it and I published an active site, but when I go to the URL it still gives the inmotion hosting default page which says the website will be coming soon. Does anybody have any suggestions for how to create an active webpage and URL through BoldGrid? I have used the BoldGrid tutorial page, however I still have not had any success.
Hello jmvalentin, Thank you for your question regarding using BoldGrid to create an "Active" site. I checked your site, and I am seeing a new BoldGrid site. I first recommend clearing your browser cache, or testing with a different browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE). If recent DNS changes were made (such as a nameserver update), you may be experiencing propagation. This usually resolves within 24 hours of the update. Thank you, John-Paul