Advantage of using InMotion vs. WordPress Itself?

  • Answered
I am curious the advantage of using a pay-for InMotion as a host versus using WordPress itself as a free hosting site (since I noticed one of your platforms for web creation is WordPress)? I signed up for InMotion hosting a few days ago. I actually created a website through WordPress a few years ago (it’s still active), but I thought a new site through a hosting agency would be/look more professional. However, it was recommended to me to actually use WordPress for designing my new website (which seems counterintuitive to just using WordPress itself as a hosting site, and simply updating my old one). I am a very novice/beginner at website development and don’t plan on getting too experienced, as I am only creating my own site due to the cost of outsourcing (i.e. so my site will always remain simple, not using, or aware of, many of the functionalities you may offer). I would rather spend my time creating what I am selling on my site than creating the site I’ll be showcasing it on.

So please advise what advantage(s) InMotion offers over simply continuing to host through a free WordPress site, which I already have up and running? My website I am using is to showcase my abstract paintings, so much more visual than written content.

Hello ryanhartnett, Thank you for your question regarding hosting with With the free plan on you get 3GB of storage space, as opposed to our unlimited Business Hosting plans. This can be helpful when hosting a large amount of images or media. Also, the free WordPress plans do not offer email hosting like we do. This is helpful if you want to create custom email addresses for your domain such as [email protected] We also offer 24/7 Live Support 365 days a year, all based in America (Virginia), which is not included in the free WordPress plans. With you are also limited in what plugins you can install, there is no limitation of this kind with us. You also have full access to your file system and database with us. This is helpful when performing maintenance, or making major site changes. If you decide to move over to us, here is our helpful guide on How to Migrate your site to InMotion Hosting. Thank you, John-Paul