How do I install/enable php fileinfo extension on one of my accounts.

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I've installed (with Softaculous) the Boonex Dolphin platform and I am having trouble using it's uploaders. It has been suggested by their support to enable php fileinfo extension to solve the problem, although I am unsure really what that extension actually does. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Tim S.
Hello Twerpy,

Thank you for your question about installing php fileinfo on your cPanel account. The fileinfo extension would need to be installed through a EasyApache in WHM. Our system team can do this for you. The fileinfo has a serverwide requirement that will need to be reviewed by our systems team. So, in order to have it installed you will need to submit an email to [email protected] - specify what you are trying to have done (install fileinfo). Make sure that you include your account verification information on the email - last 4 digits of the credit card on the account OR the AMP password.

I hope this helps! Thanks!

Tim S