Direct domain to Squarespace

  • Answered
I'm trying to point our domain name to our new website through In the CPanel, I've successfully added the first CNAME that squarespace requires, but the second one ("www" pointing to "") can't be added because every time I type in "www," the CPanel autofills the rest to be "www.ourdomainname." Any suggestions on how to make this work?

Thanks for your question about making zone file record changes in DNS. When I look at an example of a CNAME record for WWW, it will always fill in the domain name that the DNS is for. So, if you're working on DNS for "", if you go to put in a CNAME for WWW, then the rest of it will be "". In cPanel WWW is a CNAME going to the exact same domain name without the WWW. You can't just put in anything for that CNAME. I hope that helps to clarify it.

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Arnel C.