I lost the transparency to the header "Call to Action" widget

  • Answered
I'm not sure how, but I lost the transparency to the "Call to Action" widget in the header of my website. It was originally transparent but now shows a white background which hides the header image. How do I correct the issue without reinstalling the theme? I am currently using the Pavillion theme. My website is www.dev.cnsmarchingband.org.

Thank you for your question regarding issues with the transparency of your "call to action" widget. When I visit your site I see a transparent call to action with "Commitment to Excellence" and a blue/purple background, but not a white background. Are you still having issues with this widget?

If you are still having trouble we are happy to help you troubleshoot further, but will need some additional information. Could you please provide more details or descriptions of the area having issues, so we can understand and replicate this problem further?

Thank you,