mysql database tables dropped automatically

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our mysql databases have a large amount of tables being dropped in each, do you guys know about what is going on,

will you be able to restore the system with all its data, at first i thought it was a work college who had dropped the tables, but after inspecting almost 40 databases are lacking not less than 30 tables....

we have databases that are around 20 - 90 tables each, some databases have lost around 75 tables
Same issue for me too, sometime after Jan 6th or 9th.
A total of 24 tables just disappeared on two different sites on a reseller account. Definitely not an acceptable issue for InMotion to be having, Particularly if they are not able to recover the data unless the customer notices and reports it within 24 hours. Not cool! :(
I too had 3 MySQL database tables dropped on one of my InMotion-hosted sites on, I believe, January 6, 2017. A friend of mine also just reported to me that one of her InMotion-hosted sites lost MySQL database tables, also possibly on January 6, 2017.

For me it was a disaster as I did not have frequent enough backups and permanently lost some data. InMotion told me they could not help because I discovered the problem too late; their backups occur every 24-36 hours and are constantly overwritten.

I have never had this problem happen before on any other host in 18 years of maintaining websites. I have no idea what happened but if others at InMotion experienced the same thing, that may be a clue. It must not happen again.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having database troubles. You will want to contact our Live Support team about the server and submit a Data Restoration Request from your Account Management Panel to restore affected databases. Kindest Regards, Scott M