Page load slow - call for bad image file

  • Answered
I recently turned on ads for my site and the page load time immediately took a hit. GTMetrix told me I am getting a call for a bad image file, which is causing up to 8 seconds extra load time. I was able to find where the image call was coming from by performing a search on PHPMyAdmin. The image is a stock theme image that was a placeholder for the header ad space. I have since disabled the header ad to speed up site, but gtmetrix is still telling me I am getting a call for that image, which doesn't exist in my media library or files. I have attached a link to the gtmetrix error. Any help is appreciated.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding slow page loading due to calls for bad image files. Since the images are hosted elsewhere ( I suspect a 3rd party theme, or plugin is calling for these. I recommend following our WordPress troubleshooting guide to narrow down the specific cause of the problem. Thank you, John-Paul