Domain registered elsewhere point to WordPress site on InMotion server

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I'm developing a Wordpress site in a temporary directory on a shared business hosting server. Is it possible to point a domain registered elsewhere to that temporary folder with the correct domain and links correctly applied to the Wordpress posts, pages, photos, etc... For instance if the Wordpress site I'm developing is in this folder: mainexampledirectory/public_html/example. (So the WP site is currently www.mainexampledirectory/example). If I modify the DNS records to point to ours, will the WordPress homepage come up as or And will come up as

Hello mj.ajimine84, Thank you for your question regarding pointing a domain registered elsewhere to a a WordPress site here. Yes, how you described the setup is correct. The domain will come up as "". When you addon a domain in cPanel, it will allow you to set where the site files are located. This is called your Document root. Unless you actually set the WordPress URL to resolve as something else, such as "". Thank you, John-Paul