Does an email with multiple recipients count as one email or many?

  • Answered
We send email regularly to a mail list and we know there is a limit on the number of mails sent per hour. Currently we personalise the emails with recipient's name so there is one email per member. If we do not personalise and send the same email to 50 (limit of number of BCC recipients) at a time will that count as one email towards our hourly limit or 50?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding emails with multiple recipients. Yes, since each address in the (BCC and CC) list must be sent an email individually from your mail server, CC and BCC addresses count toward your hourly limit. In order to help prevent spam, we do limit the number of emails that can be sent from a domain to 250 emails per hour on shared servers. If you need to send more emails per hour than the limit, you can request an email limit exception through your Account Management Panel (AMP). Thank you, John-Paul