Cannot create Addon Domain

  • Answered
I am trying to create an Addon Domain and all sorts of errors related to a non-existing SOA record and DNS records show up. I tried editing the DNS table and adding an A Record but I cannot do it either.

The zone for the root domain [mydomainname] is missing, or could not be read. The IP address will be read from the webserver configuration and a new zone will be created for this subdomain.Sorry, An error occurred while adding dns zone: Unable to add record for [mydomainname]
Hello Coalic6, Sorry for the problem with creating an Addon domain to your account. I looked in the history of your account and did not find the duplicate question. So our apologies if we missed it in the Support Center. The Support Center website is manned during the week, but not during the weekend. You do have the live technical support team available to you via phone, chat, email or Skype throughout the year. They would have been the ones you needed to contact in order to resolve this issue. I did see that the issue was resolved by the support team a few hours ago, so I will close this issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.