My connection is not private

  • Answered
In trying to get into my brand new website in order to begin using WordPress to build it up, I entered my URL hoping to get into the WordPress admin page but my browser alerts me that my connection is not safe, or something like that, and that the security certificate belongs to Bing.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding a connection warning. It sounds like you are trying to use an SSL or secure connection to your site to login, which is good, but your site does not have an SSL for the domain itself. In that case, you are likely using the default SSL for the server and these are commonly 'self-signed', but it should be okay to proceed past the warning. You can see more information about this type of error at our explanation of these types of self-signed warnings. Keep in mind that your error may not match our example exactly, but this should give you a more detailed explanation of why this is happening. Gratefully, Casey B.