Setup elastic email as trusted sender

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We are using Elastic eMail as mailing provider. Emails sent from one of our domain accounts to another are bouncing (i.e. [email protected] to [email protected]). Elastic eMail tells us this is because these emails, although internal, are handled externally by their servers, and our server is not recognizing Elastic eMail as a trusted sender. They say: "To prevent this, please check with your provider what you need to do to use Elastic Email as authenticated sender". Please advise what we need to do to use Elastic Email as authenticated sender. Thanks.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for your question about setting up Elastic Email with your domain. We have a full guide on setting up DNS for a third party email provider that may be helpful to you. Our bounceback parser tool can help determine the reason why your emails are bouncing back. Likewise, you can check system logs for email delivery. Best, Christopher M.