Prestashop images will not upload using CSV import bulk uploader.

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I started hosting with you and had tech support install Prestashop in order to bring over my database. I than upgraded to I created a product manually one at a time and was able to upload images. Now I want to upload from Advanced Parameters/CSV Import. I have a image upload problem only with CSV Bulk upload. I use hard links to the images, It always worked in the past but now that I updated to I am having this issue. It gives me a error for all of the images.
I checked the folder permissions, I reindexed, I deleted all broken links or folders with no images.

Sample Hard code link. http://*******.com/themes/pics/smok/smok-extender-mod/smok-extender-mod-black.jpg
Hello Slamvape, Thank you for your question regarding issues with images when bulk importing into PrestaShop. I always recommend enabling error reporting when troubleshooting PrestaShop issues, as it may provide a more detailed error message. As a test try importing a single product in the csv file to see if you get the same issue. It can be helpful to export a csv first (so you can see the formatting in the csv), then adjust the fields as needed. Also, here is a helpful link to a similar issue I found in the official PrestaShop forums. They provide several troubleshooting steps. Thank you, John-Paul