One of my hosted account is continuously under hacking

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One of my hosted account is continuously under hacking;
Account details are below;
I have removed all suspicious code for several times and each times it reapers in different forms.
Please suggest me a permanent solution ASAP otherwise I will lose my client, this never happened on my previous hosting service provider, since I am moved here I am facing this trouble.....
Hello appknoll, Thank you for your question regarding one of your accounts getting hacked. I immediately noticed it is running on older version of OpenCart (, which is 6 years old. This also indicates they are possibly running out-dated 3rd party extensions. There have been many updates released since this version to address known exploits and vulnerabilities. I recommend having them update to the latest stable version ( released 8/1/2016 to address these known issues, as they are easy targets for hack attempts. Ensure they also update any 3rd party addons as well so they are compatible with the version they are updating to. Here are some helpful guides on Recovering after a Hack, and Website Security. Thank you, John-Paul