From the draft the mails are not connected to compose as in gmail.

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hi, i will build a mail server project in that the mails are send from one to other & the mails which are svaed in draft also. But that saved mails in draft that are not composed like a gmail or yahoo. So please help me to connect the mails from the draft to compose and that message will deleted in draft. My draft option php code is, "; echo ""; echo ""; while(list($draftId,$u_id,$sub,$file,$msg,$date)=mysql_fetch_array($dd)) { echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; } echo "
Subject Attachement MessageDate
"; echo ""; echo ""; ?> pls helm me to solve that problem

Thank you for your question about your mail project. I am having trouble understanding the details of your request or what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Do you have a specific question about PHP or mail services? If you are looking for a custom-coded solution for your mail project you may want to consider contacting a developer.

Christopher M.