Couldn't get emails from my own domain after creating POP3 in gmail

  • Answered
Hi, i added a pop3 account of my office email at my gmail address, all emails that i am receiving in outlook are showing in gmail inbox too but emails from my office domain are not showing in gmail inbox .For more clear view consider this example: I added [email protected] to my gmail account [email protected] and now emails from my domain that is are not showing in my gmail inbox kindly help me out.

Thank you for your question about setting up email accounts. It is always possible that if both accounts are set up for POP that the message will go to whichever application grabs the mail first. Sometimes this can cause one email only going to one mailbox. This is how POP is supposed to work. But it can be frustrated if you are checking mail at both places.

If the Outlook account is not set up for POP then it's possible that the email going to Gmail is a little delayed. The length of the delay can vary, but the message should eventually arrive, it just may not be instant.

Christopher M.