Boldgrid and New HTML/CSS Site

  • Answered
I have built a new HTML/CSS website and it is up and running. I now need to uninstall Boldgrid and delete the site I built using the Boldgrid template.

If I uninstall Boldgrid, as per the instructions I found here on the support forum, will that automatically delete the Boldgrid template site I built, or will I have to delete that site manually? As I recall, I never installed Wordpress, just Boldgrid.

In doing that, I want to make certain the HTML/CSS site stays up and that getting rid of Boldgrid won't negatively impact the new HTML/CSS site.
Hello ondafringe, Thank you for your question about removing BoldGrid. If you remove BoldGrid it will not affect WordPress. To remove WordPress, you must simple remove the WordPress core files: directories that begin in wp- and any files that are not part of your HTML/CSS static site. Best, Christopher M.