Can't Match Image Size to Paragraph width in Text Box

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This is a wordpress related question.

I’m building the site right now and it is unlisted, so here is a picture of my issue:

I’m using the Journey theme that I bought from Indiegroundthemes.

The author has not yet answered my questions on this, but did help with one other bug.

I have researched a good bit on this and I get the sense that it will have to do with the CSS. I tried defining the media sizes in the settings of the dashboard. That did not work.

With the image in the picture, I have tried defining it as custom size 860 and I’ve tried larger. It just simply will not display larger than 600px. None of the images in any of my posts will display larger than 600.

I would like to learn how to change the value (somewhere) that is holding this up. Oddly enough, in the demo of the theme, the pics reach the edge of the paragraphs in the text boxes just as I would like them to. There are no settings found in the limited documentation for this theme, and I cannot adjust settings through the IndiePanel anywhere.

I’m at an end. So I’m here to ask for help and listen.


Hello Troutbitten,

Apologies for the problem with the graphic not sized as you prefer it in your WordPress theme. WordPress automatically sizes images through the CSS built into the theme that you are using. The change you need to make is going to be within the CSS for the image type you are using in the post , as you have identified in your question. If you are unfamiliar with CSS then you should contact the support for your theme directly (typically provided through the theme author or theme provider). You can always identify the CSS that needs to be adjusted by using the "inspect" or "firebug" options in the Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.

  • You can see in the screenshot above that Chrome Inspect shows the inline code as well as the CSS at right. The CSS at right will identify where you need to make adjustments in order to make the image appear full size. In this case, the image is set to use max width at 100%. If you set the image to a specific pixel size, then it will not be able to adjust like images used in responsively designed websites. WordPress themes are typically done in responsive design (these days). This allows for use of the site on different size screens. For example, in the case of the screenshot above, not matter how I size the window displaying the site or whatever device I'm using, the image is set to use 100% of the width available in the post.

    I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.


    Arnel C.