Multisite SSL install issues

  • Answered

I had an ssl certificate installed on my site and realized that the themes are now broken when accessing /wp-admin. It's as if the themes are not there. But from the front end I can see the themes work fine. Could someone please help me with this. I have asked inmotion support to temporarilt disable my ssl. when i try to access /wp-admin/ I get the following error:

Thanks in advance.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding multisite SSL install issues. If you are using a 3rd party theme, I recommend checking to see if there are additional steps for enabling the SSL. Our WordPress troubleshooting guide can also help narrow down the cause of the problem. I have also seen some instances where the .htaccess file is causing the problems. Here is a link to our guide on troubleshooting the .htaccess. Thank you, John-Paul