Problem with RewriteRule in .htaccess

  • Answered
Hi, i'm creating some rules to make SEO Friendly URL's, my original URL is something like:
and i want to make it look like:
in that case. I created the rule and it works fine on my localhost, but it's not working on the live site, im getting 404 Error. This is the rule I created, hope you can help me find why it's not working.
RewriteRule ^directorio/([a-z]+)/?$ index.php/directorio/?filter=all&type=$1&location=&cs_directory_search_location=Yes&search_view=&goe_location_enable=No&cs_loc_max_input=5&cs_loc_incr_step=1&submit=&action=cs_directory_map_search [L]

Thanks in advace for your help.
Hello Dysan, Sorry for the problems with coding your re-direct for your WordPress site. First, we do not provide coding support for websites as that is beyond the scope of our support. However, in the case of your re-direct, the most likely cause of the issue is the following:
That does not look like a proper path. Files go after the folder . Since you're getting a 404 - it can't find what you're trying re-direct to. Fix your path and that should fix the re-direct. If you need help creating the rewriterule, then I recommend this tutorial. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.