Uploading a PDF file

  • Answered
I would like to have a PDF file (that I made from a word document) on my website. I'd like it to be in a post I'm writing so readers have the option to click the pdf or click here button, and the pdf will download or open up on their computer. Preferably the option to save or open would be ideal! The PDF has links in it to direct readers to other websites, so I'll need those to continue to work too. I am not good at code and would need a LOT of detail if it involved any kind of code. is there an easier way? Can you genius help me out?
Hello, Thank you for your question about uploading PDF files to your site. You can do this by uploading the file to your site through cPanel. If you upload the file into your `public_html` folder then the path to the file will look like this: http://example.com/file.pdf Or, you can upload the file into a subfolder like this: http://example.com/files/file.pdf I hope that clears up the process for you. Best, Christopher M.