Forcing WWW in .htaccess is breaking Wordpress

  • Answered
I have a reseller account, and am trying to set up a client's Wordpress site to force visitors to the www version on first arriving. I am following the inmotion tutorial located at When I add the recommended code to .htaccess, the url does not redirect, and the site ignores my alternate default index page (also defined in .htaccess - index.php). Instead I get an Index of/ page at the site root. Without the www force, the default site is loading WP properly.
Hello nespy, Thank you for contacting us about forcing www with .htaccess. I sugggest you try resetting permalinks for your site. This would involve switch to the default style and then back to your preferred style. You can also check if the Site URL matches what you need it to be (with the www). You can also refer to our article on common WordPress troubleshooting steps for more information. Best, Christopher M.