Widgets and Wordpress follow button partially

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There had been widgets, plugins and codes that are not showing properly in the website. On the following page for example, on the sidebar, the facebook likebox is partially cut and the wordpress follow button is completely invisible. At the bottom of the blog post “X bloggers like this” is completely invisible. http://www.wandererstales.com/ultimate-japanese-onsen-experience/ I've also reported this to the support of the theme developer and they said it has been resolved on their end. I hope someone can help me with this, especially the wordpress follow button that only shows a white box after the following codes: Follow Wanderer's Tales on WordPress.com (function(d){var f = d.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0], p = d.createElement('SCRIPT');p.type = 'text/javascript';p.async = true;p.src = '//widgets.wp.com/platform.js';f.parentNode.insertBefore(p,f);}(document));

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress follow button. I took a look at the page you provided and see the text that is cut off. This is due to the CSS not having the right box size. You can test and change it within your browser using the Inspect tool within the developer tools.

I am seeing nothing with just a white box on that page. I do see the area that says 'Follow Wanderer's Tales on WordPress.com' but it does show a box underneath with many different pictures. Is that what you mean?

Regardless, these are issues with the widget or layout code, so they will need to be corrected by code changes.

You can change the theme as a test to see if it corrects itself. If it shows correctly in the new theme, then the theme is the issue. You will need the theme developer to correct it and provide a fresh copy.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M