Making changes in Prestashop

  • Answered
I want to make several changes and the forums reference having to make changes in the global.css but I do not know what they are talking about. I have tried to find things in the HTML but cannot and not sure that is what they are talking about.

Changes I need are:
1. remove the MORE button from my products
2. change the font size/color of the product descriptions (only)
3. change the font size/color of my site name
4. change the top banner, cart and footer from default black to another color
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about editing CSS in Prestashop. The global.css file is located at the following path in a standard Prestashop install: /themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css However, there are other .css files that you may need to edit in order to get the changes you mentioned. If you are unfamilar with CSS and how it works with web development, you can start with one of our CSS tutorials. This tutorial does not cover a subject as broad as designing CSS for Prestashop specifically, but it can give you a general overview. Best, Christopher M.