Breezingforms - all forms fail to go to thank you page, submit, email

  • Answered
My site has 7 forms, which were all tested and working but are all how failing! Submit no longer leads to the "thank you" page, nor submits to the database, or sends. What could have broken them across the board like that?
Hello rootin6,

Thank you for your question on your Breezingforms. I tested a couple of the forms and they seem to just refresh. Is that the behavior you are experiencing? Something is causing the issue with the forms ability to send. What happened prior to the issue appearing? Did you move your site from one server to another? Did you implement any other module or extension? Have you enabled debugging to see what sort of error message is being sent? What is the exact message? When was the last day the forms were functioning properly?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M