No Home Directory Button

  • Answered
Under the Partial Backups section of backing up website files in cPanel, I have a download button vs. a Home Directory Button. Does this mean I have to save my back up on my own server somewhere? Or is there a way for me to still backup and save the files in cPanel?

Thank you for your question on cPanel backups and how to store them. The buttons in the backup section are designed for your backup to be downloaded to your local machine. This is by cPanel's design.

Their actual intent is because it is not good to store a backup of an account on the account. That is like storing your spare key on your keychain. If something goes wrong with your account, the backup could also be affected.
Uploading the backup from a safe location is always best.

It is also against our terms of service to keep backups on your account. All files int he account must be used for the website.

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Scott M