Stored procedures on PhpMyAdmin for account on Reseller host

  • Answered
I have a customer in my Reseller hosting account, that wants to create stored procedures on his PhpMyAdmin, but an error message shows up, about lack of SUPER permissions.
The customer uses a cPanel created mysql user with all privileges for the database in question, and logs into his PhpMyAdmin through cPanel.
It is possible to enable the creation and usage of stored procedures for individual accounts on a Reseller hosting plan? If yes, how? I have SSH access, but obviously not root privileges. Thank you very much!
Hello pagina12, Thank you for your question regarding storing procedures in PHPmyAdmin. You should be able to store procedures in PHPmyAdmin using the "routines" option. For more information see this post I found via online search. How are they attempting to store the procedures? Thank you, John-Paul