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This is a multi-part question Given that is backed by some pretty big heavyweight names.................... #1 - Are there any limitations/drawbacks about using a Free SSL cert from "letsencrypt" that you're aware of? #2 - Since I'm not at all familiar with the process described on the website - how would I go about implementing this on my IMH domains? Thks Karl
Hello Karl, Thank you for your question regarding using letsencrypt. 1. I would not use a letsencrypt SSLs for anything other than email as they have no warranty. It is also a 90 day certificate, instead of the usual 1 year ssl. I also saw a post earlier this week where there were some security mistakes made by the let's encrypt team. Read the whole article here: Let’s Encrypt accidentally shares user email addresses. 2. If you have a VPS/Dedicated server it should be similar to installing any SSL in WHM (we do not have a letsencrypt specific guide). If you are on a Shared/Business class hosting plan it is not possible at this time. Thank you, John-Paul