Wordpress Multisite domain mapping

  • Answered
How do we setup Wordpress Multisite domain mapping? What are the steps? I have tried to get it to work for the last few days. I have followed all the instructions but it will not work. What IP address should we map it to? Do we need a dedicated IP? Can we use Cloudflare? How can we set up domain mapping using Cloudflare?
Hello, Thank you for your question on WordPress domain mapping for multi site. While we do not have any documentation for this specific request, we were able to locate a plugin that may assist you. It is named WordPress MU Domain Mapping. It is not endorsed by us and we have not tested it, nor are we sure it will work with current WordPress versions, but you may want to see if it works for you. In regards to IP addresses, the IP address for the cPanel (shared) should be enough. Kindest Regards, Scott M