Where and how can I log in to my Add On domain and use WordPress?

  • Answered
I pointed my domain from Go Daddy to In Motion, downloaded WordPress w/Bold Grid, all is good with that/up and building. I purchased and registered a second domain from In Motion, making it an Add-On domain to build a separate website for my wife's business, but I cannot figure out if WordPress is already installed (I believe it may be), and cannot find how I can log in to that. Can you point me to where I need to go and will I need a username and password? Thanks!
Hello Viking, Thank you for your question on how to get WordPress up and running on your addon domain. If you did not specifically install WordPress onto your addon domain, then it is not there. You can, however install it by using the Softaculous tool, found in the cPanel. Just follow that link and you should have it installed and up and running in no time. Kindest Regards, Scott M