Inline Frame use in Boldgrid

  • Answered
I have a Wordpress/Boldgrid-built website ( that I am FTP'ing image and image parameter data (text file named imgparam.txt) to one of my pages ("Redshift All-Sky Camera") on a periodic basis. Both image and image parameter data are successfully inserted into my web page but the image parameter text file just shows up as a link. Clicking on it opens it and displays the parameter data on a separate page. I want the image parameter text file data to open automatically and populate the gridblock that is positioned below the image. I wonder if inline frame is the way to go but I am not very experienced in this. There may be a better way, also, that I am not aware of. I am new to website building and any help would be appreciated. - Robert

Thank you for contacting us about your Boldgrid inline frame question. I'll be happy to investigate further for you. This is not a method of image posting I'm familiar with, but I will check with our developers to see if I can get more information for you.

Feel free to add any follow-up questions or links to examples into this post.

Christopher M.