CSV from Mysql Database?

  • Answered
My shopping cart does not have an option for product csv export.

I want to create sample products manually, add the variant options I need and then export the csv to get the csv format template.

I am told since the csv is added to the Mysql database, there is a way to do this backwards and grab this information in the sql database and make this csv from it.

I am willing to pay to get this done. The max would only be about 10 product variants.


Thank you for contacting us about your CSV export. In most cases, yes, you are correct that the CSV is usually used to import information but not always go the other way. Which e-Commerce CMS, if any, are you using? Or, is your site self-coded? If the latter then it may be more difficult for us to find a solutions, but any information is helpful.

Chistopher M.